We would like to inform the public that in Batis Multiplex Kavala, we have taken all the measures concerning the spread of COVID-19. We have taken care of creating a sense of safety since the moment you enter our space.

More specifically:

  • We apply the State Health Protocol for tourist accommodation according to the instructions of NPHO and the Ministry of Tourism , “Health First Safety Protocols”.
  • We are in the process of being certified with the first worldwide private certification scheme “Covid Shield”.
  • We have placed antiseptic everywhere, which can be used by our visitors. Also, informative signs have been placed about hygiene and safety. Protective glasses are in all places of transaction with the public.
  • We have got a lifeguard since 1/6/2020 (much earlier than what the legislation provides).
  • We are awarded for the 16th time in a row with a blue flag, providing high quality services at the beach and ensuring environmental protection.
  • We apply the process of HACCP and EFET regarding orders, preparation, delivery and payment for food and drink services in all the places of food production.
  • We have increased samplings, which are related to food safety and the usage of swimming pools.
  • We apply a cleaning protocol in bars, restaurants, shared rooms and beach equipment.
  • We have reduced the number of visitors in restaurants, café and bars by having less tables and 1 person per 2 square meters. At the beach there are bigger distances in between umbrellas and 40 people per acre.
  • We provide the possibility of a contactless access to the menus of our products by scanning the QR code.
  • We have taken all precautionary measures for our staff, which is trained regularly.
  • We support electronic payment and we provide i-fi everywhere in our space.

All of the above process has significantly increased the cost and at the same time it has significantly reduced the possibility of an income since the capacity of visitors at the beach has been decreased from 1000 people to 400..

In order to make sure to continue offering you the best quality service, we implement a new entrance policy for the beach for 2020, which is described below:


  • *3,00€ for adults
  • *2,00€ for children from 4 to 8 years old
  • *free for infants 0 to 3 years old

At the ticket the following services are included:

Parking space, usage of umbrella and sunbed, usage of swimming pool for adults and children, use of playground for children, use of shared facilities, use of W.C., cubicles and showers.

In addition, during your entrance to the beach we collect money in advance against consuming products from the beach bars “Aquarella” and “Ilion:

  • *3,00€ for adults
  • *2,00€ for children from 4 to 8 years old

If you do not find an available umbrella and sunbed, we refund you within 15 minutes from your time of entrance to the beach.

Thank you for your preference and your trust!


The management and staff
Batis Multiplex Kavala


for adults
for children aged from 4 till and including 8 years old
for infants 0 till 3 years old
Free entrance

Entrance fee price:

for adults
for children aged from 4 till and including 8 years old

Advance payment for minimum product consumption at the outlets:
BEACH BAR aquarella and/or POOL BAR ilion:

for adults
for children aged from 4 till and including 8 years old


Please hand over the receipt of your advance payment to your waiter in order to serve you & deliver your prepaid products to you.

Entrance fee provides the right of use of following facilities:

  • Car parking spaces
  • Organized beach facilities (umbrellas & sunbeds)
  • Swimming pools for adults and children
  • Children’s playground
  • Common spaces and areas
  • W.C., changing rooms and showers

Minimum product consumption applies specifically for one (1) product per person from the list of the below particular items:





If you wish to consume any other item from our menus, priced higher than 3,00€, that you have already paid in advance, at our entrance point, you will be charged with the premium.

During your stay in our facilities, you may not import and consume of any products, food and beverages other than and besides the ones available in our outlets.

Refund right, due to non-availability of umbrella & sunbed, is effective within 15’ from the time of your entrance in batis MULTIPLEX, to be proven by the printing on your ticket.

Thank you very much for your preference.

За да се върнем към нормалността, ще ни е нужно доверието на хората, които използват нашите съоръжения. От наше име направихме промени в начина, по който сме организирали инфраструктурата и работата си, а също така предприехме инициатива, за да можем да създадем усещане за сигурност у посетителите от момента, в който стъпват на работното си място.

Поради тази причина:

  • • Разработихме протокол съгласно NPHO, Световната здравна организация и Diversey със съдействието на съветник, който е специализиран в областта на хигиенните и туристическите съоръжения. В протокола наблягаме на почистването на ресторанти, барове и общи стаи. Междувременно навсякъде сме поставили антисептик.  
  • • За да намалим опасностите, ние коригирахме процедурите за поръчка, приготвяне, доставка, консумация и заплащане на храни и напитки във всички места за производство на храни и гостоприемство според HACCP и EFET.
  • • Предприехме всички предпазни мерки, необходими за нашия персонал, докато всички те се обучават редовно.
  • • Намалихме броя на посетителите: по-малко маси, по-големи разстояния между чадърите, по-малко мебели, в съответствие със законовите изисквания, за да можем всички да спазваме безопасни разстояния.
  • • Ние предлагаме възможност за достъп до нашите безконтактни менюта чрез сканиране на QR кода, който може да бъде намерен във всички наши таблици.
  • • Поддържаме електронни плащания, докато можете да използвате нашия Wi-Fi навсякъде.
  • • Увеличихме извадката, свързана с безопасността на храните.
  • • Молим вашите идеи за открит разговор, за да създадете още по-добра среда при новите обстоятелства. Нашият персонал винаги е готов да приложи новите мерки.

Всички се опитаме да постигнем единствената си цел, която е да имаме още един успешен сезон с безопасност за всички.