The autonomous MULTIPLEX batis, located in one of the most beautiful beaches 4km. west of Kavala, is one of the most tempting incentive to visit the region of Kavala. It impresses with its independence, functionality, modern aesthetics and natural beauty.

The property occupies 70,000 m2 land and includes a beach of 300 meters in length and width from 30 to 40 meters and plants built by the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT) in the 1960s. From then until 2003 the camping functioned regularly under the supervision of EOT and was leading tourism establishment.

The «Batis SA», once acquired the right to operate in 2004, materialised investments in rehabilitation of existing facilities.

Other infrastructure

In the region of Kavala there are infrastructures of general tourist development, tourist enterprises such as Travel agencies, Renting of cars, Shipping Companies, Business Equipment, Cleaning, Commercial Enterprises of Tourist types etc.

In Kavala functions the General Hospital, Unit of the National Health System etc, that covers sufficiently the region.

In the terrestrial part of prefecture function hotels with approximately 2.000 beds and in the island of Thassos function hotels and rented rooms with approximately 11.000 beds.

Land planning and Regional advantages

The location of the facility meets the following land planning and regional advantages:

1. The Unit is located in an extended surrounding area with various trees, shadow areas, rich activity opportunities, beautiful view and immediate access to the coast on the one hand and on the other hand the short distance from the town center is also an important advantage.

2. It is located in the 4th kilometer of the old highway or provincial road of Kavala - Thessaloniki, in the Batis site. It has direct links with the town of Kavala, since it is found in a distance of 4 kilometers from the center. Offers Urban bus services linking the center of Kavala with the entrance of the camping and the Beach, providing the visitors with direct, economic and frequent access toBatis. The facility is located between two exits of the new Egnatia Road connecting Thessaloniki to Kavala and other regions of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and the Balkans.

3. It is 5 km southwest far from the port of Kavala, which has regular boat connections to the islands of Thasos, Samothrace, Lemnos and Mytilene. Also this time they are making negotiations for a coastal RR connection with Canakale in Turkey and Athens-Kavala-Varna in Bulgaria. Furthermore, during the summer season, "hosts" large cruise ships.

4. It is approximately 35 kilometers far from the international airport «Alexander the Great» of Kavala where there is regular connection to Athens and several cities in Germany as well as charter flights from various countries around the world.