In order to return back to normality, we will need the trust of people who use our facilities. On our behalf, we have made changes in the way we have organized our infrastructures and work, and we have also taken initiative so that we can create a sense of security for our visitors from the moment they step foot to our working place.

For this reason:

  • • We have developed a protocol according to NPHO, World Health Organization and Diversey with the assistance of a counselor who specializes in matters of hygiene and touristic facilities. In the protocol we emphasize on the cleaning of restaurants, bars and shared rooms. In the meantime, we have placed antiseptic everywhere.  
  • • In order to reduce the perils, we have adjusted the procedures of ordering, preparing, delivering, consumption and payment of food and drinks in all the places of food production and hospitality according to HACCP and EFET. 
  • • We have taken all precautionary measures necessary for our staff while all of them are being trained regularly.
  • • We have reduced the number of visitors: less tables, bigger distances in between umbrellas, less furniture, according to legal requirements so that we can all keep safe distances.
  • • We offer the possibility for access to our contactless menus by scanning the QR code which can be found in all our tables.
  • • We support electronic payments while you can use our Wi-Fi everywhere.
  • • We have increased the sampling that is related to food safety.
  • • We ask your ideas for an open conversation in order to create an even better environment under the new circumstances. Our staff is always ready to apply the new measures.

Let’s all try and achieve our one and only goal, which is to have another successful season with safety for everyone.